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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Two things Millennials hate doing beside work

Can you just imagine the outrage that would come from Millennials if Trump decided to ban their iphones from campus.  Hell, 90% would quit school.  Without a doubt they are America's lamest generation!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dead people are clawing at their coffin lids in anticipation of voting for Hillary in 2016

The big city Democratic political machines are getting oiled and ready for this November election.  Some Democrat poll workers have been spotted at local cemeteries with pen and paper recording information on tombstones.  Well, perhaps they are just doing genealogical research and we have nothing to worry about.  But expect a large vote to come from the mostly black precincts, in fact, in some cases the vote may exceed 100% of those registered to vote. 

ISIS Muslims support Hillary for President

We've all heard a lot this election season about some small KKK groups supporting Donald Trump for president. Endorsements he quickly rejected.  That said, ISIS leaders seem to prefer Hillary over Donald in the upcoming election.  And it should be pointed out that Hillary R. Clinton has marched in lock-step with President Obama when it comes to her position on the Islamic State of Iran (the foremost state sponsor of terror in the Middle East), a nation that the Obama has had a love-hate relationship with depending on which way the political winds are blowing in this country.  Should Hillary be elected and sit behind the Oval Office Desk she will certainly carry out the policies of Obama.  And because, the extreme progressive wing of her party are driving her farther and farther to the left it is very likely she will adopt the far left's position on Israel.  A position based on their belief that Israel in a Zionist Apartheid state that is subjugating their peaceful Arab neighbors.   a