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Monday, July 11, 2016

Obama and BLM both support a National Police Force

If you have wondered why President Obama is so supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement the reason is very easy to understand.  Both Obama and BLM support the creation of a national police force which would mean the elimination of small police forces across the nation and bring all big city departments under control of the federal government.  Those in BLM believe this would in fact benefit those in the black communities and stop what they see as police brutality.  While almost all progressives including our current President would like to see a National Police Force and of course have all it's members unionized.  Unionized, so their part of their dues can be funneled directly into the coffers of the DNC!  And never forget, the Chief of such a group probably will be a Presidential appointee and a cabinet member of which ever party is in control.  Centralization - Centralization - Centralization is a goal of all good progressives.

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