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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Media portrayal of Comey as a sex symbol is over-inflated

According to media reports, former FBI director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee has caused a collective stirring-of-loins across America. Many will, therefore, be disappointed: Comey looks firm and stands 6"8' only when excited by TV cameras or his own reflection in the mirror. In most other cases he's just four feet and flaccid.

The Daily Beast, which embarrassed itself with the below article, needs to publish a retraction. 

James Comey Is The Sex Symbol America Needs Right Now 

On social media, many Americans confessed to unexpected feelings of lust as they watched Comey… shy murmurings about his unlikely sex appeal on Twitter evolved into brazen chatter... By the end of his public testimony, James Comey was not just hot; he was eminently f^ckable. There was also something raw and appealing about his ability to be vulnerable without losing his composure… a ten-minute segment on Italian prime time TV about whether Comey would be a good lover because of the "length of his digits." 

Seeing him in a position of power, with the future of our imperiled democracy depending in part on his testimony, was enough for many of those watching his testimony to crown him a sex symbol. It may not last long, but as with many things that are unexpected this moment of collective Comey-lust is one to savor. 

We have a different explanation of Comey's sex appeal among the Democrats: progs always get excited when someone acts like a dick.  Read more.....

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