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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Nurse Busted For What She Did To Unconscious Man’s Penis

Soooooooo there’s THIS. The most unprofessional nurse from New York has been arrested for allegedly taking photos of an unconscious patient’s penis. You read that right, this is a story about a really really bore, really really dumb nurse. 

Nurse Kristen Johnson texted pictures of two passed out patients’ penises to co-workers. She was arrested and charged with what is called ‘unlawful surveillance’ and then for disseminating unlawful surveillance. I guess she should leave the penis picture taking and texting to Anthony Weiner. 

Despite what certain people seem to think, it is a crime in the state of New York to view, broadcast or record images of another person’s intimate body parts, surreptitiously,” District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick told WSTM.   More.....

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