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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Proof, Open Border Progressives are bringing Rapists and Murders into our Schools

This week the citizens of Rockville, Md. were forced to face one of the unintended consequences of welcoming thousands of undocumented illegals into their community and into their schools. Two immigrants ages 18 and 17 were allowed into the public school system and placed not among those of their own age group, but in a 9th grade setting where the average age was 14 years. There these two misfits, and I feel justified in calling them just that, turned their unbridled lust on a 14 year old 9th grade girl. Check out the below new-story on this event, that could have been avoided if only we enforced our existing immigration laws. I would suspect that the progressive community of Rockville is reeling from shock today, because it is pushing an effort to make their community a sanctuary city.  A city that would protect scum like the two sub-humans they placed in the mist of their children. Remember when then candidate Trump was soundly condemned for daring to say, many crossing into this country from the south were rapist and murders. This case along with hundreds of others proves he was correct. The sad thing however, is that this story will garner little attention from most in the media. After all, it does not fit the glowing image they have painted of those illegally coming to our nation.   Or just maybe, events such as these are becoming so commonplace they are no longer news worthy. Honestly, I am somewhat shocked that school administrators in this liberal bastion did not place these two into grammar school as opposed to junior high---someone must have slipped up!

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