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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

CNN Terrorism Analyst Suggests Possibility of ‘Right-Wing,’ ‘False Flag’ Plot in Manchester Bombing

Monday as the news developing about the Manchester terror bombing after the completion of an Ariana Grande concert, CNN terrorism analyst Paul Cruickshank laid out for host Anderson Cooper the likelihood that the explosion was the result of a suicide bomber motivated by radical Islamic extremism. 

However, Cruickshank did say “it must also be noted” there had been a number of “false flag plots” orchestrated by “right-wing extremist” in Europe. 

 “Well, obviously a suicide bomber, that would be the hallmarks of an Islamist terrorist plot attack,” Cruickshank replied. “So, they’ll be looking in that direction tonight if they indeed do confirm there was a suicide bomber involved. There eyewitnessed interviewed in the last few minutes on BBC Radio talking about what they’re describing as nuts all over the floor. And that would be consistent with a kind of shrapnel-type of device, which we’ve seen groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS encourage their recruits to build. So that’s the only way this is pointing tonight. We cannot conclude that for sure at this stage. We are going to have to wait for police to tell us much more in the hours ahead.”  More.....

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