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Monday, June 12, 2017

First Lady Shares Photo After Moving Into White House- Liberals IMMEDIATELY Attack!

Melania and Barron Trump are at long last moving into the White House. I am sure that President Trump is glad to have his wife and son back with him and they will learn to love it there. They did not join Trump sooner, so that Barron could finish out his school year. Much to the horror of the left, Melania did indeed mean it when she said they would move to the White House in June. She even tweeted out a pic of their new home and moving day. 

The media and the left were all abuzz that the move would never happen. Now that it has, the attacks on Melania have started up again in earnest. The tweets are hateful and petty… just as you would expect. Not everyone felt that way and there were many well-wishers who chimed in. I think it shows the Trump’s have their priorities straight. They put the education welfare of their son first and their needs second. Isn’t that what it means to be good parents? I’ll bet Barron is excited about the move, as he should be. 

After nearly five months of living apart, it was announced Sunday that first lady Melania Trump and son Barron had finally moved into the White House with President Donald Trump. 

Since Trump’s inauguration in January, Melania and Barron have continued to live in the Trumps’ midtown Manhattan penthouse. The Trumps said in January that in the interest of 11-year-old Barron, Melania would continue to live in New York City until Barron finished school for the summer because they didn’t want to interrupt his education. 

But despite the reasonable explanation for the first lady and president living apart, some people speculated that Melania would never move to the White House, offering the possible explanation that she was comfortable living apart from her husband. 

But Melania on Sunday finally made good on her promise to move into the White House. 

She publicly acknowledged the move in a photo posted to Twitter, which was presumably taken from the presidential living area of the White House and looked down toward the Washington Monument.   More.....

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