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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Teen Sleeps With DOZENS of California Cops & Leaves Everyone Speechless

Jasmin Abuslin, now 19, is claiming to have slept with at least 30 police officers over a three-year period and was awarded almost $1,000,000 by the City of Oakland just this morning to allow her to “get on with her life and her healing.” 

The $989,000 award is a small fraction of the $66,000,000 she originally asked for. 

Last year, a major scandal broke out when she began speaking up with her story and has been connected with several firings and at least one suicide from the pool of officers she was connected with. 

Jasmin, the daughter of a police dispatcher, claims that she had slept with the officers under the Celeste Guap starting when she was 16. It was only after the 2015 suicide of an officer that she identified herself as the prostitute in question. Jasmin had threatened the officer, Brendan O’Brien, with exposing him after they had sex when she was 17.   More.....

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